A browser made precisely for your apps.

Your apps deserve more than just a web browser.

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One of the handiest apps I've used in years. It allows me to actually keep up with all the channels I'm expected to communicate in.

Chris Wiegman

Multiple logins

Login to multiple Slack, Gmail, Zendesk and WhatsApp accounts without having to switch apps.

Custom Notifications

Don’t want to be interrupted by Slack or WhatsApp notifications while you’re focussing on something? Set granular preferences for each app rather than depending on a global setting.

Remembers your settings

Logins, notification preferences and the order of your services are remembered forever. Set it up once, you’ll never have to do it again :)

Custom Apps

Have an app that we don’t support yet? Key in the URL and we’ll setup an app just for you.

Profiles Coming soon

Wear multiple hats? Easily switch between profiles and configure your apps so that your Work time doesn’t get interrupted by Personal notifications and vice versa. You can even set profiles and configure apps based on the clients you manage!

Manage all your favourite Apps

If you have an app that we don't support?

You can add it as custom app See how...

How do I trust you?

We don't collect or store any of your data that you send through Manageyum. If you would like to confirm this, we've shared our source code on Either you or your developer can audit the code to be doubly sure.